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Brick Cleaning Brayton 

There are many reasons why you might want your exterior brickwork cleaned. You may have recently bought a property in Brayton that has blackened and stained bricks. You could be selling your home and want to maximise your chances of getting a good price.

Maybe you're a landlord in Brayton or owner of a holiday home and want to ensure that the property's brickwork looks its best. Or, you might just be someone who takes pride in their home and you want the brickwork to look fresh and clean, free from dirt and nasty surface coatings of all kinds.

But getting those bricks spotlessly clean is a difficult, thankless task. That's why people trust the experienced professionals at RenWash to do the job for them, as we have the knowledge, expertise and equipment to remove stains effectively and efficiently.

Brick Cleaning Services

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What Makes Bricks Dirty

What Makes Bricks Dirty in Brayton?

Bricks are a versatile and durable building material, but their porous surface makes them vulnerable to various contaminants:

Atmospheric Pollution

Organic Matter

Climbing Plants



Old Paint

Mishaps During The Building Process


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Brick Cleaning Methods

The Brayton RenWash specialist brick cleaning experts use a variety of methods to remove layers of grime, moss and algae from bricks of all types, including the following techniques:

Brick Cleaning Methods

Pressure Washing

DOFF Steam Cleaning

Superheated Steam Cleaning

Chemical Brick Cleaner

Abrasive Blasting

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The Brick Cleaning Process

The Brick Cleaning Process

The process begins when you contact us to discuss your requirements. We can offer a free quotation at no obligation, and we are happy to demonstrate how effective our methods are.

An initial inspection will be made to determine the state of your walls and to decide which is the best method to use. At this stage, we will also be able to assess what kind of equipment is required to access the upper levels.

We will also check for any damage, as remedial repairs will need to be undertaken prior to the brick cleaning process and allowed to dry fully. We can handle minor repair work (contact us for more details on this), but major work may have to be passed onto a specialist brickwork restoration company.

Preparing The Site

Cleaning The Brick Work

The Final Inspection


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Commercial Customers

RenWash brick cleaning services also extend to commercial premises as well as residential properties in Brayton.

A grime-covered building can be off-putting for potential clients, customers or investors, so it's in your best interests to invest in brick restoration.

Fortunately, the RenWash team is equipped to handle large-scale projects just as efficiently and competently as they would a normal-sized brick house.

Within a couple of days, your property's brickwork will be spotless once again, creating a more positive image for your business.

Commercial Customers brick cleaning
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How Much Does Brick Cleaning Cost?

The average brick cleaning cost is somewhere around £30 per square metre, but, as always, the cost will vary based on many factors, including the state of the brickwork, the scale of the job, and the brick cleaning method used.

As with most other services, including brick cleaning, London and the South East rates will be generally higher.

However, the brick cleaning cost should be considered an investment; regular brick cleaning will help you save money on costly repair work further down the line.

To get an accurate figure, call us today to provide the full details of your brick cleaning project and we'll offer a free quotation. We can also arrange for a demonstration to show you the end result. We guarantee that you'll be amazed at how clean your bricks look!

How Much Does Brick Cleaning Cost


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you restore the original colour of the bricks after cleaning?

The original colour of bricks can be restored after cleaning, but this depends on the condition of the bricks and the cleaning methods used.

Are your cleaning products safe for the environment?

All of our professional cleaning services use cleaning products that are safe for the environment and people. We do have a few that use added chemicals but those are for select applications and only when no other option is available.

How do you ensure the safety of the building and surrounding area during the cleaning process?

To ensure the safety of the building and surrounding area during cleaning, safety measures such as covering floors and furniture and using appropriate personal protective equipment are used.

Can you clean bricks on the interior and exterior of a building?

Yes, brick cleaning services can clean both the interior and exterior of a building's bricks.

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