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Is Old Paint On Your Home Or Walls Looking Grim?

Brick Paint Removal

Paint Removal & Brick Restoration
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Problems With Damp Bricks, Flaking Or Bubbling Paint?

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Brick Paint Removal Seaham 

Painting over exterior brickwork is a great way to improve its appearance and preserve the bricks beneath. Countless homeowners in Seaham have done this over the decades to improve the appearance of their properties.

However, it's not always the best course of action! Painted brick requires regular maintenance, touch-ups and cleaning if it's to stay looking fresh. Ideally, it needs repainting every five years or so, or it begins to look tired and can begin to flake.

Also, the wrong type of masonry paint is frequently applied; brick surfaces are porous, and some paints clog up the pores, leading to moisture being trapped within the brickwork. This eventually causes penetrating damp, mould and algae growth and water damage, particularly on older buildings and period properties.

Spalling is another issue. This happens when the water inside the brick expands as it freezes, forcing pieces of brick to break off.

Also, many Seaham homeowners prefer the look of old brickwork, particularly when the paint is peeling and cracked. Flaking paint looks unsightly and can adversely affect the value of your home as well as its aesthetic appeal.

So, what do you do if you need paint removed from your brickwork? You could ask the experts! The RenWash team in Seaham is experienced in all aspects of brick paint removal. If you need help with removing paint from brick walls, we are the people to call.

If you're interested in what methods can be used, here's some more information that you'll find helpful.

Brick Paint Removal In Seaham

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How Do You Remove Paint From Brick Surfaces

How Do You Remove Paint From Brick Surfaces?

Although it sounds fairly straightforward, paint removal requires skillful handling if it's to be undertaken properly. It isn't a case of coating the wall in powerful chemicals and hoping for the best, scrubbing away with warm water and a wire brush, or even blasting it with a pressure washer!

Unless you take the right approach, you risk severely damaging the underlying brick. And some of the methods require patience, dedication and the use of powerful chemicals. That's why thousands of Seaham homeowners use companies like RenWash to get the job done.

Most professional brick, masonry and render cleaning companies will be familiar with the following processes, although some are more likely to be used by specialists who restore period/heritage properties and listed buildings.

Paint Strippers

Pressure Washing

DOFF or Thermatech Cleaning System

TORC Cleaning


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Chemical Cleaning

Once the paint has been removed, your walls should look great. However, in many cases, the paint has been applied over the top of pollution staining - which may have been the reason why it was painted in the first place! This black, sooty deposit often remains, even after the paint has gone and will spoil the look of your walls as much as flaking paint.

In these cases, we highly recommend that you consider chemical brick cleaning. This process removes all of the black stains, leaving the exposed brick looking fantastic.

Why Is It So Hard To Remove Paint From Brick?

The simple truth is that most bricks were never designed to be painted!

Bricks are porous, allowing them to breathe and expel moisture. The porous surface lets paint soak into the surface making it very difficult to shift once it has dried. Also, most masonry paint is designed to withstand the elements, making it more of a challenge to remove. And this is especially the case when it is applied to brickwork!

While the majority of masonry paint manufacturers these days make water-based products, some paints are acrylic or oil-based, which compounds the problems further. It may be possible to scrub off water-based paint to some extent, but these other types will always prove more difficult and require special treatment.

The experts at RenWash are experienced in dealing with all types of wall coatings and will know precisely which methods to apply to remove all the paint successfully.

Chemical Cleaning

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What Does The Process Involve

What Does The Process Involve?

When you contact us we will arrange for a consultation to discuss and evaluate exactly what work is needed. We will also need to agree on a small area for testing so that we can correctly identify the paint type, how many layers there are, and (depending on the age of the property) whether any lead paint is present.

We will assess the state of the brickwork, check the results from the test area and make a judgement on which method to use.

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Graffiti Removal

Unfortunately, this form of vandalism is common in some areas of the UK. The good news is that we can use our expertise to remove it successfully, leaving your walls in pristine condition.

While it is possible in some cases for you to remove it yourself, it depends on the type of paint used as some can be tricky to deal with. Also, if it has been left in place for a long time it can prove extremely stubborn.

Our experts can test the paint to determine the best method of graffiti removal and then set about ridding your walls of the offending matter.

Graffiti Removal


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Can Brick Cleaning Be A DIY Project

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What Are The Benefits Of Brick Paint Removal?

A professionally painted brick wall can look amazing - if the correct paint is used and the wall is maintained properly. Even so, there's a strong argument in favour of removing paint from your brickwork, including the following:

What Are The Benefits Of Brick Paint Removal

It Restores Its Original Beauty

It Reduces The Risk Of Damp Problems

Reduced Long-term Maintenance Costs

It Can Increase The Value Of Your Property

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Long-Term Preservation

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What About Interior Walls?

While the majority of our paint removal work takes place outside the property, there are instances where we are prepared to remove paint from brick walls inside a house.

Essentially, the same principles apply, whether it's for a brick fireplace or painted brick walls anywhere inside your home. We would need to test the paint before any work was carried out.

The main difference would be that extra care would be needed when it comes to protecting your carpets, furniture and household possessions. As mentioned above, some of the methods would not be suitable for use indoors as they would cause a lot of mess and disruption.

What About Interior Walls

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RenWash Professional Brick Paint Removal In Seaham

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the paint removal process harmful to the brick or the environment?

No, neither the paint removal process nor the environment are harmed. We remove paint with specialised equipment and techniques, taking care not to damage the brick underneath.

Can you remove paint from all types of brick?

Yes, we can remove paint from all types of brick, though the process varies depending on the brick type and the condition of the paint.

Will the paint removal process damage the mortar between the bricks?

No, the paint removal process will not harm the mortar that holds the bricks together. During the paint removal process, we take great care to preserve the integrity of the brick and mortar.

Can you also repoint the brick or repair any damage caused by the paint removal process?

Yes, if necessary, we also provide repointing and brick repair services. If the paint removal process causes any damage, we will repair it before completing the job.

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