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Chewing Gum Removal

Cleaning Streets & Public Areas Of Chewing Gum

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Chewing Gum Removal Blaydon 

Few people in  Blaydon realise how much of a problem chewing gum is. In fact, it's not really the gum itself that's the problem; it's the incorrect disposal of gum that causes the issue.

If you've ever leaned or sat on a wall and encountered second-hand chewing gum, you might have an idea of how unpleasant it can be. But imagine that magnified a million times over and you'll get the picture. When you're in town, look at the block paving - those little grey or black spots are mostly old chewing gum. Some people even stick it to walls, benches and street signs.

Many local authorities in the UK have a dedicated task force to tackle the problem or set aside money in their budget to hire specialists like RenWash to do the job.

Chewing Gum Removal in Blaydon

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How Big Is The Chewing Gum Problem

How Big Is The Chewing Gum Problem?

Between 80% and 90% of all chewing gum is not disposed of correctly or responsibly.

It is estimated that more than £60 million is spent every year on chewing gum removal services across the UK. In a time when local councils like Blaydon Council are cutting back on essential services, this extra expenditure is unwelcome but necessary due to the anti-social behaviour of gum-chewers.


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Why Does Gum Need To Be Removed?

Aside from looking unsightly, gum presents a health hazard. The sticky surface attracts dirt and bacteria (not to mention the oral bacteria it contains when spat out), leading to mould growth.

Discarded gum on pavements can become slippery in wet conditions, potentially resulting in injury.

Gum, while initially soft, tends to quickly mix with other substances (cigarette ash, discarded food and sugary drinks) and set hard after a while, making removal a difficult task and increasing the chance of damaging the surface beneath. This is especially important in cases involving period properties, listed buildings or heritage sites.

Finally, carelessly discarded gum represents a health hazard to pets and wildlife. It is mostly made from non-biodegradable synthetic polymers like polyvinyl acetate, the same stuff used to make bottles, bags and glue - basically, it's plastic! Most chewing gum takes at least five years to break down, and therefore it contributes to the problem of plastic pollution we currently face (whether disposed of responsibly or not).

Why Does Gum Need To Be Removed

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How Do You Remove Chewing Gum

How Do You Remove Chewing Gum?

There are several cleaning methods that are effective in removing gum, and the RenWash team is familiar with them all. We often combine different methods to achieve the best results, leaving the surfaces spotless and gum-free.

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What Surfaces Can Be Cleaned?

Our chewing gum removal service targets all kinds of surfaces, wherever a large amount of gum has accumulated and is making the area dirty.

This includes:









The RenWash team will assess the situation and apply the appropriate cleaning method to restore the surface, making them spotlessly clean once again.

What Surfaces Can Be Cleaned
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How Much Does Chewing Gum Removal Cost

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Who Can Use RenWash Chewing Gum Removal Services?

Anyone, essentially!

However, our clients are more likely to be people or organisations responsible for large pedestrian areas, car parks, sports facilities, bus stops, colleges, schools, bus/train stations or other public areas where gum is a real problem.

We are happy to remove chewing gum from all kinds of public spaces in Blaydon, including high streets and shopping centres. We also take on jobs for business customers relating to private premises, such as hotels, conference centres, airports, etc.

Although the majority of gum is found on the floor or pavement, it also gets stuck to walls or other surfaces in smaller amounts. Where this is a significant problem, we will apply the same methods and expertise to remove it.

Who Can Use RenWash Chewing Gum Removal Services


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Why Use RenWash for chewing gum

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RenWash Specialist Chewing Gum Removal Service

RenWash has the perfect solution for all of your domestic or commercial cleaning requirements, including chewing gum removal in Blaydon. We will liaise with business representatives, private clients and local authorities alike to eliminate the unsightly problem of carelessly discarded gum.

In addition, our extensive range of cleaning services also includes graffiti removal. If this is a particular issue for you, feel free to enquire about graffiti removal options when you contact us concerning chewing gum removal and to get your free quote.

Our expert team will soon have your floors, pavements, walls and other surfaces spotlessly clean and chewing gum-free!

RenWash Specialist Chewing Gum Removal Service Blaydon

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Frequently Asked Questions

What methods do you use for chewing gum removal?

To remove chewing gum from surfaces, our company employs a number of techniques. One of the most common methods is to use high-pressure steam or hot water to melt away the gum without damaging the underlying surface. We also use specialised chemicals that dissolve the gum, allowing it to be easily scraped or wiped away. To physically remove the gum, we may use scraping or grinding tools in some cases. We always inspect the area to be cleaned and select the best method for the surface and amount of gum present.

Can you remove chewing gum from a variety of surfaces?

Our company can remove chewing gum from a variety of surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, brick, and others. We have worked on sidewalks, streets, and building exteriors and can handle small and large-scale projects. We use the appropriate equipment and techniques for each surface.

Are your methods safe for the environment?

We are committed to environmental responsibility, and our methods are environmentally friendly. We avoid the use of harsh chemicals or methods that may harm the environment. We take steps to reduce waste and dispose of any materials used during the cleaning process properly.

Can you provide preventative measures to reduce future chewing gum buildup?

We understand the importance of keeping your environment clean and presentable, which is why we provide preventative measures to reduce future chewing gum buildup. Chewing gum-resistant coatings are one of the methods we offer. These coatings are applied to surfaces to make gum stickier, reducing the need for frequent cleaning. This is especially useful in high-traffic areas or areas where there has been a history of heavy gum buildup. To keep the area clean, we can also provide regular cleaning schedules.

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