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Doff Cleaning Hutton Rudby 

Dirt: it's an annoying fact of life. At some stage, the outside of all buildings in Hutton Rudby will become grubby, coated in grime, pollution and organic matter.

When a wall needs cleaning, most people grab a bucket and a brush and get scrubbing, or blast the surface with a pressure washer. However, this could spell disaster for your walls! Using the wrong method could cause long-term damage that will cost a lot of money to put right.

In most cases, hiring a professional masonry and brick-cleaning company in Hutton Rudby like RenWash is the best solution, as we have the skills, tools and methods to get the job done efficiently with perfect results. And one of the best methods available is the DOFF cleaning system.

DOFF Cleaning Services

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What Is A DOFF Machine

What Is A DOFF Machine?

The DOFF steam cleaning system was developed by a professional conservation and restoration company called Stonehealth Limited. They recognised the need for cleaning methods that were gentle enough for use on historical buildings that would remove grime effectively from stone surfaces without causing damage to the delicate surfaces beneath.

Stonehealth specially designed the DOFF system to use less water than other steam cleaning methods. Superheated water is sprayed through the nozzle end at low pressure, where it hits the surface at a temperature of 150º c.

No harmful residue is left on the surface, which is clean and dry within minutes.


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What Can You Use A DOFF Machine To Clean

What Can You Use A DOFF Machine To Clean?

The DOFF steam cleaning process is highly effective in removing all manner of dirt, grime and foreign substances.

Here are a few examples of what the DOFF system can tackle:

Organic Growth

Atmospheric Pollution

Paint Coatings

Biological Matter

Graffiti Damage

Chewing Gum


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Hiring A DOFF Integra System

If you like the sound of this machine and want to hire a DOFF steam cleaner for your own stone cleaning, concrete cleaning or brick cleaning project, our best advice to you is DON'T DO IT.

In all probability, you won't find anyone willing to hire out the equipment. Even so, if you do find a tool-hire centre that does hire our DOFF steam cleaning machine, it's not a good idea to do so.

These are highly complex machines that require a lot of training to use competently, safely and effectively. Fortunately, RenWash cleaning specialists have extensive experience in all types of cleaning equipment and have been fully trained in the use of DOFF machines.

Hiring A DOFF Integra System
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The Benefits Of DOFF cleaning

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Why Use RenWash in Hutton Rudby?

You could wash your own walls, but unless you have the right equipment and a bit of knowledge about the materials involved, you could be wasting your time (and money). Elbow grease is fine, but it won't achieve the same results as a professional cleaning session.

And if you use the wrong method, for example, a power washer on a high-pressure setting, you could end up damaging the wall or the mortar pointing in between.

But your walls do need cleaning, or they will suffer in the end.

Eventually, they will become damaged as lichen, moss and algae take hold. Atmospheric pollution and bird droppings are acidic and corrosive, breaking down the outer layer of the brick and stone. A coating of grime stops porous surfaces from working properly. They are unable to breathe, expelling any excess moisture, resulting in mould growth and rising/penetrating damp within the building.

RenWash will resolve this problem by making your walls spotless and increasing their lifespan.

Why Use RenWash

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RenWash: Professional DOFF Cleaning Specialists

Although the RenWash Hutton Rudby team is trained in other cleaning methods, the DOFF system is a definite favourite, basically because it produces such spectacular results!

We've seen the many benefits it offers, and that it is suitable for all types of buildings and building materials. We've also examined the many different substances that it can effectively remove.

So, why wait to book your DOFF cleaning session with RenWash? Those walls won't get any cleaner if you leave them! Let RenWash restore your walls to their former glory with the DOFF steam cleaning system.

Call us today for a free quote and to discover our full range of exceptional property cleaning services.

RenWash Professional DOFF Cleaning Specialists

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DOFF cleaning and how does it work?

DOFF cleaning uses high-temperature steam to clean surfaces. It works by using a machine to generate high-pressure steam, which is then directed at the surface to be cleaned. This steam is capable of washing away dirt, grime, and other surface buildup.

What are the benefits of using DOFF cleaning compared to traditional cleaning methods?

DOFF cleaning is more powerful and effective than traditional methods such as pressure washing because it can remove dirt and grime at quite a high temperature while being less abrasive on the surface being cleaned.

What surfaces can be cleaned with the DOFF system?

The DOFF system is capable of cleaning a variety of surfaces, including stone, brick, concrete, and other building materials. It is frequently used to clean historic structures, monuments, and sculptures.

How often should DOFF cleaning be performed on a building or structure?

The frequency of DOFF cleaning will be determined by the state of the building or structure as well as the amount of dirt and grime present. A professional evaluation of the building is generally recommended to determine the frequency of cleaning.

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