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Render Cleaning Barlby

Are your rendered walls starting to look dirty and unsightly? Are you wondering how to get them looking spotless again, but you're not sure how?

As experts in cleaning render, the expert team at RenWash render cleaning services in Barlby offer a professional service along with sound advice on making your render look fresh and new.

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Why Does Render Get Dirty

Why Does Render Get Dirty?

Most modern renders are described as low-maintenance and are a great way to achieve an attractive finish on your home or commercial property in Barlby.

Even so, exterior render is vulnerable to the elements, the environment and airborne pollution. A damp, temperate climate encourages algae growth, moss, mould and bacteria to thrive on porous surfaces. Atmospheric pollution - particularly in urban areas - settles on walls where it causes dark staining. Check out our post on removing green mould from render for more information on this topic.

Graffiti is common (and extremely irritating!) problem that can ruin the appearance of your beautiful wall.

The good news is that most modern renders can be cleaned. However, there are several different types, and using the wrong cleaning method may damage the render!

For example, many Barlby homeowners will automatically assume that a pressure washer is the best solution, but this can be disastrous.


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How Do You Clean A Rendered Surface?

Once the type of render has been identified (see below), an appropriate method is used to get it looking spotlessly clean. entire wall original render

Here are some of the ways in which this is achieved:

How Do You Clean A Rendered Surface

Jet Washing

Fungicide & Biocidal Wash


Soft Washing

Sodium Hypochlorite

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Why Use A Professional Render Cleaning Company

Why Use A Professional Render Cleaning Company?

There are several reasons why it makes sense to engage a reputable, professional render cleaning company like RenWash in Barlby to restore your rendered walls to their former glory.

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Different Types Of Render

Before work starts, we need to know which render surface you have so we can select the appropriate cleaning process.

Essentially, there are seven different types of render currently available in the UK:

Different Types Of Render

Lime Render

Sand And Cement Render

Clay Render

Acrylic Render

Silicone Render

Monocouche Render

Polymer render

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Ren Wash Professional Render Cleaning Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean dirty & discoloured render?

Jet washing is one of the most common ways to clean discoloured render and is recommended by the manufacturers of the render itself (it's important to know though this is not the case for all types though). We have various soft washing systems too.

Can you steam clean the render?

Yes you can steam clean some types of render, we have a few methods and systems to do this depending on which type of render you have. Don't worry about figuring out which system you need; we can do that part for you.

Can you remove the green and black stains from our walls?

Yes we remove green, black, red and any other type of stain from your walls. Those three are the most common and are caused by algae and mould growth.

How often should render be cleaned?

3-5 years is what most companies recommend and it can vary depending on the area you live in (think coastal/rural/city). Levels of pollution and nearby foliage all make a difference.

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