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How To Stop Moss Growing Between Block Paving

Moss between paving stones might not seem like the biggest issue in the world, but there are many reasons to dislike it. It doesn't look good, it is a trip hazard, and it might cause other problems. Moss can also be an indicator of significant problems, so knowing how to eliminate moss in between block paving is important.

If the sight of green goo on your paving stones puts you off, there is a range of solutions to clean pavers naturally, or with a mild chemical treatment. Whether you want a natural method or you are okay with harsh chemicals for certain tasks, RenWash is here to stop all the moss and weeds growing, and ensure you enjoy a deep clean at your property.

Why Is Moss Growth Between Block Paving A Problem?

Moss between block paving can cause several problems, including:

Aesthetically Unpleasing: Growth between block paving can be unsightly and make your outdoor space unkempt.

Slippery Surface: This growth can make the block paving surface slippery, which can be dangerous, primarily if the area is used for walking or driving.

Structural Damage: Over time, this growth can cause the block paving to become uneven and can lead to structural damage. This can make the paving more prone to cracking and breaking.

Attracts Pests: Moss can attract pests such as insects, which can be a nuisance and potentially harmful to humans and pets.

By preventing moss spores growing between your block paving, you can avoid these problems and keep your outdoor space clean and well-maintained.

A moss problem might not seem like the biggest issue, but even dead moss is unappealing, and can make you or others feel negative about your property.

To halt moss from growing between block paving, you can try the following steps:

How To Stop Moss Growing Between Block Paving

Initial Steps In Preventing Moss Forming Between Block Paving

If you are keen to start this cleaning and clearing process yourself, here are common steps associated with preventing moss formation:

Clean The Paving Blocks

Begin by removing weeds, debris, and dirt from between the blocks. You can use a power washer, a wire brush, a hose, deck brush, push broom or just a stiff broom to do this. However, as we'll explain later, be cautious with power washing an entire walkway.

Trim Trees And Shrubs

Moss thrives in shaded, damp conditions, so trimming trees and shrubs that are overhanging the block paving can help to increase sunlight and airflow, which will make it harder for moss to thrive. Making sunlight naturally reach all the growth moss, paving stones and even desirable plants helps you combat this unsightly problem.

Also, look out for damp areas, so if there is a leaky faucet, tap, broken pipe or errant sprinkler heads, deal with these problems to minimise unwanted weeds.

Pour Boiling Water

An effective block paving cleaner is boiling water, which will kill green algae. After you have poured boiling water on the moss, use a deck brush to sweep the growth away, paying attention to clearing driveway cracks.

Please be careful when pouring boiling water.

Boiling Water

Apply Baking Soda

For a household solution, baking soda is safe to use on natural stone, and it kills spores. Be sure to brush the baking soda away within 24 hours for a clean and moss free area.

For a tougher natural method, mix equal parts vinegar and baking soda to eliminate growth. With baking soda, vinegar and boiling water, there are natural weed killer solutions that eliminate moss, but sometimes you need something more powerful.

Baking Soda

Apply A Herbicide

After cleaning the paving blocks, you can apply a herbicide designed to kill moss and better control moss growth. Be sure to follow the instructions on the herbicide label on the spray bottle and take any necessary precautions. If you are using a natural approach, place the mixture into a spray bottle, and of course, be mindful of desirable plants nearby.


Use A Paving Sealer

A paving sealer can help prevent moss from growing between blocks by creating a barrier that growth cannot penetrate, which is an essential point in not having this issue again. You can also check our post on do you have to clean driveway before sealing.

Paving Sealer

Fix Any Drainage Issues

If your block paving is prone to standing water, it may be a good idea to fix any drainage issues and undertake necessary repairs. This can help prevent the build-up of moisture, which can lead to moss developing on a paving stone walkway.

Keep The Area Clear Of Debris

Finally, regularly remove debris or fallen leaves from the block paving to help prevent moss forming, while looking out for other plants.

By following these steps, you can help to prevent it from growing between your block paving and keep it looking clean and well-maintained, but there are often issues with these approaches.

This work is time-consuming; it can be tiring, especially when using a stiff broom, and many of these steps need more to deal with the root causes of it. This means you must remove growth from block paving every year or six months.

RenWash Offers A Range Of Dependable Moss Removal Services

While individuals or business owners can get rid of moss themselves, it is often best to leave this work to cleaning professionals. RenWash offers an extensive range of cleaning methods, and some of our most popular methods are highly adept at dealing with growth on your pathways, walkways and driveways.

Jet Wash Is More Suitable Than A Pressure Wash Solution

While pressure washing is a commonly cited method of getting rid of moss from paving blocks, it isn’t always the best solution. If the pressure is too high, it can also remove joint sand and moss, damaging the foundations on which the paving blocks are. This can cause drainage or structural issues later or make the surface uneven, which becomes a trip hazard. If you remove the material under the stone, you must replace joint sand to retain integrity.

Jet Wash 1

A Jet Wash Solution Is More Effective Than A Pressure Washer

Therefore, a jet wash approach, which uses a slightly lower pressure level, and water at a higher temperature, makes sense compared to using a pressure washer. With a highly skilled and experienced professional team with this specialist equipment, jet washing quickly removes moss without damaging or removing other necessary materials and elements underneath and around block paving.

Jet washing is much less labour-intensive and time-consuming than manually scraping moss away, so it is a natural choice for those who don’t want to waste too much time on this job.

Doff Cleaning System Is Ideal For A Paving Stone Walkway

With Doff cleaning using a steam approach and high temperatures, water reaching 150 degrees at the nozzle end of the machinery, it is highly effective on stone surfaces. More importantly, the Doff approach is well known for removing algae, moss, biological matter and organic growth.

It would be best to use this equipment only after specialist training and with PPE clothing. However, if the operator knows what they are doing, using the Doff approach to remove moss from paving blocks is highly effective.

Doff Cleaning 1

TORC Cleaning Process Will Remove Moss

The TORC cleaning system is developing an excellent reputation as a safe and effective method for cleaning stone surfaces. While it is best known for use on historic or listed buildings, the unique swirling vortex approach, using little water or pressure, is also highly effective at quickly removing moss and algae.

Therefore, the TORC system is dependable for a fast and effective way to get rid of moss from paving blocks. This system is best left to qualified and experienced professionals, but in the right hands, it can clear considerable areas quickly.

Soft Wash Will Kill Moss

The combination of low pressure and chemicals makes soft wash cleaning methods ideal for moss removal. Even the tiniest spores are dealt with, and using detergents ensures moss are killed, significantly reducing the risk of this problem from arising again.

While many methods are highly effective for moss removal, soft wash solutions are often the number one option. Of course, as chemicals are involved, it is vital to use this method appropriately, so hiring a cleaning professional to manage this work makes sense. Check out our post about chemicals for cleaning driveways.

The Natural Option Won't Always Get The Job Done

Not everyone wants a chemical substance or bleach solution to clean their driveway. However, sometimes a natural option with wire brushes and a stiff brush won't do the job. When you need something more than a push broom and simple bleach solution, call on the experts.

For a professional cleaning company with specialist equipment and fully trained team members, RenWash is on hand to deliver cleaning solutions which remove and kill moss from block paving.

Why Hire A Professional To Remove Moss Forming Between Block Paving?

There are several reasons why homeowners might choose to hire a professional cleaning company to remove moss developing between block paving:

Expertise: Professional cleaning companies have the knowledge and experience to remove moss between block paving. They can identify the root cause of the moss growth and take the necessary steps to prevent it from returning.

Efficiency: A professional cleaning company has the equipment and resources to remove moss from block paving efficiently. This can save homeowners time and effort compared to eliminating the moss themselves.

Safety: Some methods for removing moss, such as using chemicals, can be hazardous. A professional cleaning company will have the necessary safety equipment and training to remove the moss safely.

Quality of work: A professional cleaning company will have the skills and attention to detail to ensure that the block paving is thoroughly cleaned and free of moss.

Convenience: Hiring a professional cleaning company can be convenient for homeowners needing more time or resources to remove the moss themselves.

Hiring a professional cleaning company can be a cost-effective and efficient solution for removing paving stone moss and ensuring that the area is appropriately maintained.

Don't Sit Back And Watch Moss Grow

If you are sick and tired of moss forming on your premises and want to remove all the moss in just a few weeks, we have the paver maintenance solutions for you. A good scrub can help, but RenWash offers sealing services, preventative measure cleaning services, and reliable ways to get rid of moss from your premises. From an aesthetic point of view, moss covered pavers are unsightly, and they cause other issues.

This is why RenWash will help you get rid of moss in no time.


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